Board Members Wanted

MMSA is looking for people in the community who wants to get involved in one of the largest volunteer-based minor soccer leagues in southern Manitoba.

Those who become board members are asked to help with guidance and leadership to develop the sport in the region, attend approximately 5 meetings per year, and sit on at least one sub-committee. A commitment of two years is required, and it can be confirmed annually.

To stay within provincial recommendations, new and multiple protocols will have to take place. So please, if you think being a board member is not the right fit for you, consider signing up for a volunteer position during the regular season. 

Board Positions

  • Secretary
    The secretary is in charge of booking and recording board meetings.
  • Events/Windup Coordinator
    The events/windup coordinator is responsible for organizing the draft night at the beginning of the season and the windup party at the end of it. The events coordinator also provides support to the coaches and referee coordinator at their clinics or certification events.
  • Coaches/Teams Coordinator
    One of the main responsibilities of this coordinator is to recruit and support coaches and co-coaches that need or seek further development through coaches’ clinics. The Coaches/Teams coordinator is also responsible for running the draft night and ensure an equal skill level amongst teams.
  • Referee/Schedule Coordinator
    The referee/schedule coordinator is in charge of scheduling games and assigns referees and linespeople as needed. This coordinator is also responsible for booking and organizing the referee’s clinic. This official is also in charge of posting the results of the games to the website.
  • Social Media Coordinator
    The social media coordinator documents and promotes the association’s activities through the website and social media pages.

Board Membership Application Form
Thank you for your interest in joining Morden Minor Association. Use this form to provide useful information about yourself and to ensure the best match between you and MMSA. By submitting this application, you are verifying that all information provided is true.