Rule of Two Guidelines

Morden Soccer Association - Rule of Two Guidelines

The Morden Soccer Association is dedicated to creating a safe environment for athletes, coaches, and all participants, adhering to the Responsible Coaching Movement (RCM)'s three pillars: Background Screening, Ethics Training, and Rule of Two. The Rule of Two ensures open, observable, and justifiable interactions between coaches and athletes. This webpage provides a summary of the guidelines presented in the MSA Rule of Two PDF.


Morden Soccer Association strives to create the safest environment possible. The goal is to always have two screened and NCCP-trained or certified coaches present with an athlete. If such coaches are not available, a screened Person in Authority or another adult should be present.



  • A Person in Authority should not be alone in a car or share a hotel room with an athlete unless they are the athlete's parent or guardian.
  • Room or bed checks during overnight stays must be conducted by two Persons in Authority.

Locker Room, Changing Area, and Meeting Room

  • Interactions between a Person in Authority and an individual athlete should not occur in rooms where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy.
  • A second Person in Authority should be present for all necessary interactions in any such room.
  • The locker room or changing area should be supervised by two Persons in Authority of the same gender identity as the players whenever possible.

Training and Competition Environment

  • A Person in Authority should never be alone with an athlete before or after a game or practice unless they are the athlete's parent or guardian.
  • Instructions, demonstrations, drills, or lessons should always be given within earshot and eyesight of another Person in Authority.

Gender Identity

  • Persons in Authority interacting with athletes should be of the same gender identity as the athletes.
  • For teams consisting of athletes of more than one gender identity, a Person in Authority of each gender identity should be available during all interactions.

Applying the Rule of Two in a Virtual Setting

  • The Rule of Two should apply to all minor athletes in virtual environments.
  • It is recommended that the Rule of Two also be applied to non-minor athletes in the current circumstances.

For more details, view the full MSA Rule of Two PDF



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