Relatives, legal guardians or players who are interested in getting involved in the league after their Grade 10 year are invited to become a Coach or Referee. Family members or older siblings wishing to be directly involved in the game are invited to Referee, Coach or Co-Coach.

MMSA Volunteer Job Descriptions

Coaches & Co-coaches 

Run practices & games for the season

Boys & Girls Divisions: K-1, 2-3, 4-5, 6-10

* Coaches are integral to our soccer program! Please consider signing up to coach or co-coach and help our players develop their skills!

Nets & Mesh

Early August

* 1-2 hours to work together and get all our nets set up for the season.

End of September

* 1-2 hours to work together and get all our mesh taken down and stored for the winter.


Start of Season – Late July/Early August

* 1-2 hours to sort equipment, fill balls, organize uniforms or supervise pick-ups at Access Event Centre.

End of Season – Late September

* 1-2 hours to take in and check equipment and uniforms or clean up storage area at Access Event Centre.


*Needed for 6-10 Division Only

Linespeople Coordinator

* Coordinate the schedule for linespeople, make adjustments depending on the number of teams per division, send an email with full schedule and contact info to all volunteers at the beginning of the season.

Linesperson (for one game)

Boys – Monday or Wednesday OR Girls – Tuesday or Thursday

* Assist the referee by watching one side of the field for the ball crossing out of bounds.

* Two linespeople needed per game. Sign up for a specific night according to the schedule (based on 4 teams/division).

Timbits T-shirts & Medals

K-1 Boys

* Pick up the Timbits order and distribute all shirts and medals to teams by 6:30 pm Wednesday, August 7th.

K-1 Girls

* Pick up the Timbits order and distribute all shirts and medals to teams by 6:30 pm Tuesday, August 6th.


* Take photos of MMSA games and events for use on the MMSA media outlets.

Wind-up Day

September 27th, 2019 (around 9:00 am-1:00 pm)

* Volunteers will meet in mid-September to plan the event.

Championship T-shirts

* Talk to all teams regarding sizing information by the first week of September to allow time for ordering (Girls & Boys Divisions Grade 2 and up)

Distribution of T-shirts

* Hand out Championship t-shirts for each Division following the playoff games.