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1Waver Release
2Parent or Legal Guardian Information
3Player(s) Information
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I Player and/or Parent/Guardian of Player acknowledge and agree that:

(1) Player’s participation in the Morden Minor Soccer Association (MMSA) requires extreme feats of a person’s physical and mental limits and carries with it the potential for injury, property loss, or death;

(2) Player expressly assumes the risks and Parent/Guardian of Player consents to the assumption of risk by the player of participating in the MMSA with a full understanding of such potential risks;

(3) A player or Parent/Guardian of Player shall maintain their own medical, disability and life insurance sufficient in Player's determination to cover any expenses and damages that Player and his or her family may experience, including loss of income, arising from Player's injury, disability or death;

(4) Player and/or Parent/Guardian of Player, their heirs, executors, administrators and assigns expressly waive, release, indemnify and discharge MMSA and any sporting event venue at which MMSA events take place as well as their respective officers, employees, agents and assigns from any and all claims, costs, expenses or liabilities (including those involving death, personal injury or property damage) arising out of or relating to the Player’s participation in or transport to any event put on by MMSA ("Claims");

(5) Player and/or Parent/Guardian of Player agree not to sue MMSA or sporting event venue for any Claim;

(6) Player and/or Parent/Guardian of Player indemnifies, defends, protects and holds harmless MMSA and sporting event venue from any Claims;

(7) Player and/or Parent/Guardian of Player hereby grants permission to the MMSA, its employees or agents to obtain medical treatment for the Player should such treatment be required;

(8) Player and/or Parent/Guardian of Player agree to execute such additional waivers and release as sporting event venues may reasonably require; and

(9) Player and/or Parent/Guardian of Player acknowledge that they have read and understood this document before signing and have had the opportunity to obtain independent legal advice.


I am aware that the coaches, referees and anyone representing the Morden Minor Soccer League are volunteers who deserve the respect of both the spectators and the players. I am aware of and agree to adhere to the following Sportsmanship Policy pertaining to conduct while present at, before or following games, practices, and events. I also agree to teach my child(ren) to conduct themselves, in the same manner, knowing that they are playing in a non-competitive league.

1. MMSA will hold a ‘zero tolerance’ for inappropriate Language, Attitude, Conduct or Gestures by Player(s) Spectator(s) and Parents, Individual(s) will be dismissed from the game and/or asked to leave the event due to inappropriate conduct.

2. Inappropriate conduct on the field which poses a physical threat to others by a player will result in immediate dismissal from the game/event.

3. A repeat offence by a player will result in a review by the Soccer committee, with the risk of being dismissed indefinitely.

4. A repeat offence by a parent or guardian will result in a review by the Soccer Committee and may result in their child(ren) being dismissed from the league indefinitely.

5. Inappropriate language, conduct, attitude or gesture will be assessed in accordance with generally accepted standards of good sportsmanship. Any disputes or disagreements over the behavior or complaint will be reviewed by the Executive Committee of MMSA, on a case by case basis.

6. Concerns regarding the conduct of any official representing the Morden Minor Soccer League are kept in complete confidence and can be presented to any one of the MMSA Committee Executives in confidence.

7. All players must wear protective equipment as listed in the notice to parents. Any player who is not wearing protective equipment will be dismissed from the game/event.

8. Only players, referee’s, coaches are permitted on the field. Any other person caught on the field will be issued a verbal warning. If they are caught on the field a second time, they will be asked to leave the playing area. Failure to comply with requests may result in that person and/or child being dismissed from the game/event.

I parent or legal guardian of the registered child(ren) do herby grant my permission to the MMSA, its volunteers or representatives to use any photos of the above registered child(ren) taken while participating in any MMSA game/event w/o objection, compensation or liability to myself or my children for the purpose of promotion or recognition in the sport of the Morden Minor Soccer Association.